Sunday, October 26, 2008


Boy, I am so sorry it has been so long since I have written. We have been so busy and lots of changes have been going on. Biggest being that I got a new job!! I LOVE it! It is yet more proof that things happen for a reason. Most of you already know the story, but I am now working for a large firm that is based in Detroit. I found out that one of the attorneys I worked with at my old firm was going to start up the Chicago branch of this firm and I begged her to let me go with her. She was very hesitant because she was such great friends with my old boss. After much provoking, she gave me Detroit's information and I got a phone interview and I got the job! I am so happy to working with her, we are such a great team!! So Detroit is trusting us to run and operate their Chicago office! SO EXCITING!! The work is here, they just need people to do the work. So we have been working harder than ever getting everything up and running. We just moved into a new permanent office which is so nice! I feel so much more settled than I did my first couple weeks when we were working out of briefcases in a temporary space. It is such an amazing opportunity for me and as sad as I was to leave my friends and colleagues at my old firm, this was an opportunity I would have been stupid to pass up. So my life has been consumed by my work lately but I have to say I love it! I feel so much more pride in myself and what I am doing. So I will keep everyone updated as to what is going on with that.

Let's see... what else have we been up to.... We had two weddings two weekends in a row at the beginning of August. My friend Kate from work and our friends Ian and Eryn. They both were beautiful and we had a great time.

Ian and Eryn's wedding was in Elkhart, WI so we had a great time taking the day off and having a little vacation. We drove up on Friday, stopped at Mars Cheese Castle on the way! I have to say, the name of the establishment was a lot cooler than it actually ended up being. But there was a TON of cheese curds, cheese blocks, soft cheese, hard cheese, and tons of sausages for that matter. We got grilled sandwiches for breakfast and headed up to Elkhart Lake. Once we got there we looked around the town, Adam got a haircut, and we found this awesome bar/restaurant where we had an amazing lunch, good Wisconsin beers and played pool. We were staying at the Osthoff Resort which was HUGE and beautiful! We had a two bedroom suite because that was the last room they had available. Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at the famous Siebkens Restaurant and then went to this popular racing bar. It was great to see a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a while. Then Saturday we watched OU lose to Texas in our room, rested and then got ready for the 5 p.m. pre-wedding cocktail hour and 6 p.m. wedding outside. It was GORGEOUS. It was looking at over the lake. Eryn was beautiful! I cried during the whole ceremony. They had two of their friends marry them, it was really beautiful. Then we partied the night away! So much fun! Then Sunday we drove back to Chicago stopping at a pizza place in the suburbs. It was a great weekend! We love road trips! I will post pictures from the weddings!