Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I walk into spinning class for the first time on Monday, all proud of myself thinking "this will be simple... I can ride a bike!" Boy was I wrong. I walk in and our trainer was already on the bike, peddling, peddling, sweating, sweating. A bunch of girls are already in the room on the bikes starting. I walk nervously over to an open bike. The girl next to me quickly says "that is reserved for the assistant" in a strong European accent. Alrighty then I will go over to the next one. No one stopped me so I assumed it was fine. I look around the room trying to get a jist of what i am supposed to be doing. Trainer is still going very fast on his bike, having not stopped cycling or sweating since I walked in. I get on the bike and start spinning and my legs are flying around the wheel like they are going to fly off. I can hardly stay on the bike. The girls next to me are sitting on the bike without holding on. Great I thought.... so we start in ... finally I realize that I am able to turn the tension in my wheels. Ok I made it sound like immediately I noticed it.. probably more like 20 minutes into my 1 hour long class. It actually got easier the longer I cycled. I thought the class was going to be 40 minutes, so I am spinning, spinning, sweating, thinking my legs may fall of the bike soon, and I look up and it is 40 minutes. Crap.. super cycle guy is no where close to stopping. "Come on everyone all the way, a few more songs!" A few more songs!!! Then the class was finally ending and the instructor said to all of us that we needed to get off the bike and stretch. I bring one foot off of the bike and my knee almost gives out. Oh my god.. my legs are totally spaghetti right now.. don't act like you aren't in control. So I bend down, still wobbly, trying hard to not to fall over onto the empty bike next to me. Yup, the assistant never showed up so so much for crabby girl making everyone move! :) Luckily after more and more stretching my muscles got a bit more used to it and I ended up wobbly walking home. I couldn't believe how wobbly my legs were. So at first I thought "Ok why did I think spinning was a good idea?!?" But actually it was a great idea, my muscles are just totally confused and they don't understand why I used them in such strange unusual ways. As hard as it was, I am totally pumped about spinning next week!!

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Team Clancy said...

Liz - I am so proud of you!!! I have always been too scared to try spinning for exactly the things that happened to you! Maybe I will have to suck it up and give it a try!