Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spinning Class here we come!

Since before the wedding Adam and I have been saying that we were going to join a gym and get in shape for the wedding... well we didn't.. I worked out occasionally in my gym at my old office but we wanted to be able to do it together. So here we are almost 6 months after the wedding and back to the same question. Do we pay the money to join a gym or run outside like we keep telling ourselves. I did some research and decided to check out Fitness Formula, the Old Town location. It is only 3 blocks from our house and the rates are 1/2 of what the other location a few blocks the other direction. Adam was very reluctant and not thrilled about the idea of joining a gym. Friday night I made an appointment for us to stop by and check it out. It was great! Not pretentious like other locations in our neighborhood and has enough amenities to keep us happy. They have free classes like spinning, yoga, kickboxing, etc. We are especially excited about trying out the spinning class. Adam loves to bike and as much as I am worried about my back side being bruised, I think it will be a good workout. So we are really excited about this new chapter and hopefully the Bergers' goal of getting into shape for 2009 will come to fruition.

The rest of the weekend was really great and relaxing. Our friends, Kevin and Niki, came over Saturday and brought their new little baby Simone. She is almost 2 months. She is sooo precious. We are all in love. She is so alert and sweet and seeing the way she coos when she looks at her parents makes everyone have baby fever :) Well I wanted to post a picture but I can't seem to get it to upload correctly. I will have it make another post. Urggg.. Anywho, we had a great time, despite the macaroni and cheese debacle ( I made homemade mac and cheese which I have done many times before but sometimes I get stage fright and I ended up spilling hot water and milk on the stove and my roux did not turn out. C'est la vie. It turned out pretty well and everyone seemed to still enjoy it.

Saturday night we just stayed in and I got caught up on my girl shows while Adam read and today, Sunday, we spent the day cooking, watching football and planning for our next two big trips -- Isla Mujeres, Mexico for our anniversary in May and Paris and Zurich in September. All the while trying to put our place on the market and move by September. Of course things can change but it is something to look forward to. We have been telling Adam's sister Melissa that we would come over after their Baby #2 is born and he is to be born at the end of February. Summertime is so expensive to go to Europe and August is when all of the Europeans travel. So we are thinking Labor Day is best. We were just going to go to Zurich but I can't be that close to France, where I studied and not go to Paris with Adam and show him Clermont-Ferrand. I am really excited about starting to plan!

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Team Clancy said...

I am so jealous of your travel plans!!!! We LOVED Mexico when we were there. Talk soon about Friday?